News 17 August 2016
Author: CJ

UPDATE: Kodak Black isn’t going to be released from jail yet

Author CJ
17 August 2016

It has been announced that hip-hop artist Kodak Black is set to be released from prison.

The Florida native appeared before a judge this week for a hearing in relation to his May re-arrest for multiple charges – including false imprisonment, robbery without a weapon, operating a vehicle without a viable license, possession of a firearm by a delinquent and possession of marijuana.

The “Project Baby” rapper was represented by Michael Kushner, the executive vice president of legal at his record label, Atlantic Records. On Black’s behalf he told the judge, “He’s only at the very beginning of a very promising career. It is our hope that the court will agree that he be given the opportunity to turn his life around.”

Thankfully the understanding judge accepted that plea, warning Kodak Black, “I will give you an opportunity, Mr Octave, to prove yourself here, and be a productive member of society…What happens from here on out is up to you.”

We look forward to seeing what he does with this second chance.


So, it turns out that Kodak won’t be released from prison for a while. After this morning’s release report, Florida’s Sun Sentinel later reported that authorities in Broward County found two more outstanding warrants for  warrant from St. Lucie City, FL and another from South Carolina.

Joy Oglesby, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office, told the paper, “One of them is a no-bond hold… At this point he’s still going to be in jail. He’s not going to be released.”

Good news though, the rapper won’t be a convicted felon so will be back in business touring and recording in the future.