Videos 25 September 2021
Author: Andra

Kofi Stone Drops Captivating “I Wish” Visuals

25 September 2021

Kofi Stone has blessed us with remarkable Andy Daly-directed isuals for his latest track, “I Wish”.

The video offers a profound vision of an altered reality where the big fish/small fish ideology of society is embodied and represented by the ones that live in it. The two-minute and 47-second visuals present an eye-opening experience that gets deeper and deeper with every watch.

Trapped in a small, dark and timeless universe which appears to be his own mind, he relentlessly feeds the obsession of being powerful by continuously watching Jaws, Cast Away and Waterworld – entertaining the idea that he can be the big, fierce shark in a small fish society.

The thought behind his obsession becomes more and more realistic as he frantically keeps eating sardines and going through different states of mind: happiness, enthusiasm, fascination and then sadness. In a successful attempt of replicating the hunger of the society that we live in, Kofi shows how this becomes a compulsive need of continuously feeding your desires, which only leaves people more hungry with every bite they take, becoming an uncontrollable force. 

Governed by the same force himself and replicating the same vision that he has been feeding himself through everything that he had been obsessively watching, he turns to his pet goldfish and eats it proudly. The plot twist here, however, is that he isn’t the bigger fish in this story and he bit more than he could chew, which backfired in him getting sick and realising that he actually is the smallest fish in his universe and subsequently someone else’s pet fish. 

Kofi Stone’s “I Wish” is an extraordinary project that is a must watch!