Interviews 22 September 2018
Author: Alex Griffin

GRM Exclusive: Kojo Funds talks musical upbringing, style & being nominated for a Rated Award

22 September 2018

With his debut mixtape, Golden Boy, right around the corner, it was only right we had a brief catch up with Kojo Funds.

The musical pioneer has been pushing his own distinctive sound in UK music for a couple of years now, inspiring a wave of new artists in his wake, and these coming months look set to be even more definitive for the rising East London star.

With that being said, it was only right that Kojo headed back to Canning Town to check his roots, teaming up with Timberland CityRoam in the process, to showcase just how far he’s come.

GRM caught up with the man himself as part of the new campaign to talk his musical upbringing, his style must-haves, being nominated for a Rated Award and plenty more too.

Check the interview below exclusively on GRM Daily and for more from Timberland and CityRoam, head here.

What is your earliest musical memory and when did you decide to start creating music yourself?

“The earliest musical memory that stands out as something that really shaped me, has to back secondary school days in the playground with my boys spitting grime bars. 2014 is the year when I started making music seriously.”

With your come up, you were part of a new wave of artists who pioneered a new sound in UK music. Are you proud of the amount of artists who have emerged with the sound after you, or does it bother you?

“I don’t really think much about other artists who have emerged from the sound, I’m only here for perfecting my sound and focusing on my journey.”

Your latest video “Who Am I” features some mad styling and visuals. What are a handful of your wardrobe staples?

“In my wardrobe you’ll always find a pair of slim fit jeans, a nice jacket and some good trainers.”

You’re nominated for a Rated Award (again) this year for Best Track. What does the nomination mean to you and do you think you’re taking it home?

“It means a lot as it shows that people do appreciate the work I do. I’m not bothered whether I’m taking it home or not, but being considered is cool and motivates me to keep pushing.”

In 10-20 years time, what do you want the legacy of Kojo Funds to be remembered for?

“In 10 to 20 years time I want Kojo Funds to be known as the greatest artist to have ever come out of the UK.”