Videos 11 May 2020

Idris Elba Joins Kosine On Uplifting New Track “Kings”

11 May 2020

U.S artist Kosine has called on Idris Elba to deliver a thought-provoking new track entitled “Kings”.

The collaboration between the pair is an uplifting one which focuses on the importance of mental well-being and being expressive; with Idris Elba delivering a deep, spoken word verse towards the end of the track.

Of the track, Elba said: “This song looks at mental health, mental enrichment. We should stay away from conspiracies as they are a collision of fear and ignorance, two factors that erode our mental health.”

Kosine elaborated further, saying: 
“As a musician, I’m doing my part to provide audio healing and to keep the mental health of the masses top of mind.

“In times like these we find out together who we are and who we aren’t. I want all of my brothers to know that they are KINGS contrary to the false narrative of traditional mass media. It is my hope that the princes of today grow in this knowledge and lead us into a future honouring the sacrifices of their ancestors.”

A sum of the proceeds from “Kings” will be donated to MusciCare’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Listen to “Kings” above.