News 9 June 2019

Krept & Konan just made an important annoucement

9 June 2019

Krept and Konan have announced that their new album will be released soon and have promised fans a new cinematic visual for their new track “Ban Drill”.

After teasing the arrival of new music on social media for months, the duo have finally confirmed the arrival of this new track which will receive a visual directed by Rapman.

The yet to be named album will be Krept and Konan’s first project since they released the double project 7 Days and 7 Nights at the ending of 2017.

“Ban Drill” is set to have an all-star cast and pictures from the set have been floating around social media for months.

Watch the trailer and see Krept’s tweet announcing the album and new video below.

This year will be busy for Krept and Konan as on top of this new project, the two will continue to run their restaurant in Croydon, Crepes and Cones, which recently celebrated its first anniversary, and the two will star in the new series The Rap Game UK.

The Rap Game UK will see several aspiring musicians live together for six weeks and develop their music skills, range, lyricism and natural ability. None of the acts will face elimination though and there will be no whittling down; the winner will be revealed at the end of series and will receive the coveted record deal from Krept and Konan. For more details on this, click here.

As we wait for “Ban Drill” to drop, click here for a look at one of Krept and Konan’s most recent visuals.