News 18 September 2015

Krept and Konan to help South London youngsters

18 September 2015

The duo, who are from South London, were given a tour of Parliament by local MP Steve Reed as they discussed issues facing youngsters in the local community.

Mr Reed wants the rappers, who won Best Project for their album ‘The Long Way Home’ at our inaugural Rated Awards last night, to use their growing popularity as musicians to help make a difference for young people in Croydon North.

In the past, Mr Reed has admonished the government for it’s failure to tackle the lack of primary school places, inadequate youth support systems and the high levels of unemployment affecting young people in the local area.

Krept and Konan are in the process of developing projects aimed at young people in south London and have agreed to work with Mr Reed on initiatives to support the area as a whole.

After talks were held, the Labour representative said: “Krept and Konan are inspirational musicians who’ve worked hard to overcome difficulties in their early lives and earn the success they now enjoy.

“They understand that many young people look up to them as role models, and it’s inspirational that they want to use this to help others make more of their lives.”

He added: “I’m looking forward to working with Krept and Konan in future. They have made Croydon incredibly proud with what they’ve achieved, but they have never forgotten their roots and are really committed to giving something back to the community they came from.”