News Spotlight 4 November 2017
Author: Aaron Rattu

Krept & Konan take to Instagram to announce their new PD Foundation

Author Aaron Rattu
4 November 2017

Following the release of their greatly anticipated 7 Days and 7 Nights mixtapes in October, the South London duo have taken to their Instagram accounts to reveal another project that they have been working hard on behind the scenes. After a year of dedication and patience, Krept and Konan have announced the launch of their PD Foundation, which aims to take kids off the streets in exchange for creative opportunities that they may not have had access to.

The Positive Direction (PD) Foundation launches on Monday 6th November at Harris Academy, South Norwood; the secondary school in which Krept himself attended and aims to expand to other schools in the near future. Starting off small scale to begin with, the PD Foundation will offer an array of activities to young people, which include workshops in; music production, engineering and songwriting. Croydon council members have also backed the scheme, where such workshops will all be taught by industry professionals as well as personal friends of Krept and Konan. Long term friend, Kritikal who is responsible for all of their musical artwork, will share his knowledge in a range of graphic design workshops.

The foundation looks to lead and educate young minds to then go on and lead each other, with community cohesion between young people at heart. According to Krept’s Instagram post, it was at the youth clubs he attended as a child that gave him the platform to MC, however due to the abrupt closure of these clubs, he became inspired to create and implement his own.

In his own words, Konan described how himself and Krept have been approached by numerous charities, however they wanted to ensure that the money they would invest, would solely go to a place they had faith in.

Konan said, “We set up the Positive Direction (PD) foundation for the youth and it’s based entirely on our own experiences as young, working class kids growing up in South London.”

The vision is clear and the Play Dirty pair have hand picked a team to help execute their new project which aspires to grow quickly, exemplifying themselves as great role models in the UK music scene.