News 26 August 2018

KSI & Logan Paul Announce Rematch After Boxing Match Ends In Draw

26 August 2018

After months of tension and preparation, the highly-anticipated boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul ended in a draw.

The two YouTube stars took to Manchester Arena last night to battle it out for six rounds in front of 20,000 spectators in the crowd and millions of streaming viewers.

Although one judge had put KSI ahead by one point, the other two judges had scored it even which resulted in the draw. The decision was met by boos from the crowd and both KSI and Logan Paul have already agreed to a rematch.

“I think there’s only one thing to do” said KSI after the fight, “I think we have to have a rematch. Let’s do it. That was fun”. Agreeing to the rematch, Paul said “I think it’s what the people want. Let’s give them a rematch”.

KSI has taken to Twitter to reflect on the fight and the decision of the judges. “I should have won that, let’s be honest” he wrote. “He had the first 2 rounds on me because I started slow and that was about it”.

Before the pair had their big fight, their younger siblings Deji and Jake Paul battled it out, which saw Jake win in the fifth round via TKO. It has not been said if they, too, will have a rematch.

The rematch between KSI and Paul is expected to take place in February 2019.