News 10 November 2019

KSI wins boxing rematch against Logan Paul

10 November 2019

All eyes were on KSI and Logan Paul last night for their boxing rematch.
After a six-round match, KSI came out victorious by winning high scores from two out of three judges.
KSI said after his win, “KSI was scared to fight last time, scared to touch him, this time I went in there. Your boy has done it, I am victorious. I’m a dog, I keep saying it. I’m a fighter and I keep going”.
In his post-match interview, KSI described his tactical approach, “I needed to get in his face, I needed to give him no time to breathe. I needed to close him down, pressure him and he did well to move around quite a bit but I caught him a few times…”
 Watch the full post-match interview below.

The rematch follows KSI and Logan Paul’s match in Manchester Arena last year which ended in a draw.
After months of trading jabs on social media and brutal exchanges at press conferences, the match may finally bring to an end the KSI vs. Logan Paul saga.