News 16 December 2022
Author: Andra

Kwaku Asante sells out headline show at Village Underground 

16 December 2022

Kwaku Asante has been soothing broken hearts and giving people brain tattoos with his deep, heartfelt music since 2018. As an artist he refuses to be linked to only one genre as he effortlessly incorporates R&B, jazz, soul and blues into his music and his talent and dedication took him on a beautiful trip in the UK music space, including tours with Samm Henshaw and Pip Millet this year.

Before he wrapped up 2022, the Ghanaian artist decided to sell out Village Underground on the 28th of November and deliver a great rendition of his latest album Wanderlust as well as some of his previous hits such as “Molasses” and “The Way That You Are”. 

The night was opened by Bea Anderson, who set the tone with some of her latest releases, introducing everyone to an intimate and profound ambience before Kwaku Asante then took over the stage and dived into some of his greatest songs. 

One thing that is for certain about Kwaku is that his stage presence is very intense both due to his body language but also due to his very particular way of connecting with the public, who clearly adores him, his music and his heartfelt lyrics that depict moments that everyone can relate to. That being said, the audience at Village Underground was mesmerised by Kwaku Asante throughout the whole night

The performance was delivered with the help of his band, who stepped up the energy levels in the room with their dexterous skills. For almost two hours, the venue was filled with beautiful renditions of songs off his latest Wanderlust album such as “Rhodes”, “Take You There” and “Wait for Me”, and also older songs such as “The Way That You Move” which is Kwaku Asante’s first ever song. 

The show on the 28th of November was a great way for him to wrap up 2022 which was a year filled with great achievements for the North West London-hailing artist. The night ended with the audience calling him back on stage to perform one more song, which he did and to everyone’s delight he closed the show with two more songs that got the crowd singing along.