News 23 March 2023

Lab grown chicken has been approved as safe to eat

23 March 2023

Cultured meat – aka artificial or lab-grow meat – has been a topic of interest around the world for a few years now, but a new breakthrough has been made on it this week.

Lab grown chicken has been approved as safe to eat by the Food and Drug Administration, meaning it is a step closer to being available to buy and eat in America.

However, GOOD Meat, the company behind the “cultured chicken cell material”, still need approval from the Agricultural Department before they can do so.

José Andrés, a chef and member of the GOOD Meat board of directors, said in a statement, “The future of our planet depends on how we feed ourselves and we have a responsibility to look beyond the horizon for smarter, sustainable ways to eat.”

Some countries, like Singapore, have already approved cultured meat and it is widely available to buy from supermarkets.

GOOD Meats website advises on lab grown chicken and meat, where it says, “It’s real, delicious meat with an identical nutritional profile to conventionally raised meat but with less impact on our planet and less risk of contamination.”

[Image via Shutterstock]