News 30 April 2018
Author: Aaron Rattu

Lethal Bizzle is set to present Sky’s brand new car show ‘Carnage’

Author Aaron Rattu
30 April 2018

Grime legend Lethal Bizzle is set to join forces with former England cricketer Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff and Capital FM presenter Vick Hope in presenting Sky One’s brand new, high velocity car show, Carnage.

The show will see teams of creative, car enthusiastic engineers, mechanics and drivers from all over the UK and Ireland transform regular cars into ruinous, battle-ready vehicles before going against each other in a Robot Wars style combat format. The bouts will commense across three vast arenas deeply submerged in the desert where they seek to render their opponents’ cars immobile, with the last vehicle standing announced as the champion.

Describing the show as “a mix of Robot Wars, Mad Max and Wacky Races,” Capital radio’s Vick Hope conveyed her excitement by saying: “I can’t wait to see the mad cars the teams create.”

Flintoff added: “Carnage has amazing vehicles designed by some top notch contestants. It’s going to be huge, exciting and intense, let the carnage begin!”

Lethal B said: “It’s awesome to be involved in such a crazy and exciting show.” 


All of the crashes and mayhem that we will expect to see will debut this Sunday on Sky One as well as on streaming service NOW TV.