Videos 19 November 2020

Genesis Elijah, Chey, Doni Rampage & 19 More MCs Join Lewi B On “Lockdown Riddim 2”

19 November 2020

Grime producer Lewi B has returned with a new video titled “Lockdown Riddim 2” – bringing together over 20 Mc’s to showcase their talent over a grimey instrumental.

B can be heard narrating at the beginning of the video: ‘We’re in lockdown again, no one’s got anything to do so, I guess we’ve got to make some more bangers”. Genesis Elijah can be seen bringing an insane amount of energy as he delivers the first bars for the track from his studio. Chey keeps up the energy, bringing large amounts of self-confidence as she passes on to Doni Rampage and so on.

In order of appearance, the features include:

  • Genesis Elijah
  • Chey
  • Doni Rampage
  • Tophe
  • Viral
  • Black Steve
  • Tommy Biz
  • Frankie Staywoke
  • Tintz
  • Shadez
  • Lady Shocker
  • Snowy Danger
  • Row.D
  • Rolla
  • TCDaGenius
  • Shao Dow
  • C Gritz
  • Flow Teks
  • Grizzly
  • Snapz The Tallone
  • Mas Law
  • JoJo SoSick

Catch the visuals above!