Exclusives Interviews 6 September 2023

Lil Tjay Talks Latest Album ‘222’, Working With Pharrell Williams & More

6 September 2023

It’s been a tumultuous 12 months for the New York native who has had fans locked into his progress after such traumatic events unfolded last June. Lil Tjay’s third album which comes with the deepest of meanings and another side developed to his artistry. Storytelling is a key component on the project which dives deep into the last years events as well as other tales about Tjay’s frenetic lifestyle and come-up to the game.

Easily one of the most important figureheads in this generations Hip-Hop market, growth is the next step, and a blockbuster tour awaits the rapper. Beat The Odds will extend over four months from September to December, and sees Lil Tjay take on America and Australia in a tour which will inevitably be a movie.

There is a realisation that Lil Tjay knows stardom was destined for himself. Whilst being apart of a music scene that waits for nobody, he remains on his toes, eagerly awaiting to drop his next body of work and showcase to the world he’s here for a long time. 222 is the third project to be released by the Bronx-born artist, and he believes he’s maturing more with each release.

“The reason why I named the album 222 is because it’s my third album. My first album True 2 Myself, my second is Destined 2 Win, so this is the third. I got shot on June 22nd, the time I got airlifted into the sky was 02:22. That’s my reasoning for naming it. It’s just me evaluating life. It’s me maturing and just getting into the next phase. I’m speaking about my journeys on the album”.

As he touches on the cold events of last year, there is still wisdom to take from the situation. Tjay fondly remembers receiving a visit from an icon who goes by the name Pharrell Williams. Whilst the rapper was in a lot of pain and discomfort at the time, a conversation with Louis Vuitton’s creative director and music mogul would lift spirits.

“Pharrell is a legend. It was lit! Honestly, at the time that when I met Pharrell it was so crazy. I was still drugged up and off so much meds and pain. We’re talking and venting and it’s just crazy. We actually got a record which we both love! It was a lil’ different for me, he produced it and he helped me push to a certain sound. We have that coming out right after my album, it’s called ‘Step’”.

The future is most certainly bright for Lil Tjay who we have to remember is only 22. Albeit being so young, the rapper holds his head high and has the self-confidence to push himself to more successes.

“I feel like it wasn’t no advice. It was more willpower and if I want to accomplish what I want to, I can’t fall off”.

With the rest of the evening still to be celebrated, the rapper heads off with his entourage before entering a new chapter within his music career with 222. We still have time to ask who he’s currently bumping whilst in the U.K!

“I would say Tsu Surf, he’s from Jersey. I like Allbee Al from Jersey too and Fivio Foreign! I also f*ck with Central Cee!