News 14 September 2021
Author: Courtney W

Ling Hussle Gifts Us With New 6-Track EP ‘I Hope You Like This’

14 September 2021

South London’s Ling Hussle has treated us to a brand-new project!

Titled I Hope You Like This, Ling Hussle’s latest EP houses six original tracks and kicks off with “Fool” which sets the tone for the rest of the polished and heartfelt R&B sounds on the tape.

Similarly to her previous project Still Here which dropped towards the start of summer, I Hope You Like This is feature-free which allows Ling’s soft vocals to remain centre stage from start to finish once again.

“3 Days went behind this,” Ling Hussle wrote when announcing the project on Instagram, “I love a challenge cos I don’t like losing lol.

“Sometimes even I need reminding that not all things need to be as complicated as we make them, real stories is enough to get it done and I always say if you’re an honest musician you’ll never run out of things to say.”

Be sure to take in I Hope You Like This in full below.