News 26 May 2020
Author: Courtney W

Ling Hussle Shares Brand-New Mixtape ‘Spirit Soul’

26 May 2020

South London’s very own Ling Hussle has gifted us with her brand-new mixtape entitled Spirit Soul.

Ling Hussle’s authentic style has been making waves not only in the UK, but also across the pond – demonstrated by her appearance on Rico Love’s recent album – and on her new mixtape, she gives us a fresh dose of her sound which has proved popular with fans in recent times.

The new 17-track mixtape shines a light on Ling’s multi-talented nature as we hear her sharp delivery of bars on tracks such as “RUNNING” and “1 OF 1”, as well as her smooth vocal range on much of the project – most notably on the lively tracks  “BIG” and “100%”.

Spirit Soul
clocks in at around 43 minutes in length and in that time, Ling Hussle puts her talents as a musician on full display to create a polished-sounding body of work.

Be sure to listen to Spirit Soul below.