News 8 June 2021
Author: Courtney W

Listen To Ling Hussle’s Brand-New Mixtape ‘Still Here’

8 June 2021

South London’s Ling Hussle has treated us to a new mixtape titled Still Here.

Containing seventeen original tracks, this new project is infused with Ling’s smooth R&B sound which has proved popular with her growing fanbase in recent times.

With no features, Still Here is made up of Ling’s vocals and polished production from the likes of Caze Beatz, Yves, Viper, Vianey OJ and more.

“My music has always been transparent so believe every word,” Ling said when announcing the project on Instagram. “From wanting to give up on music, loss, heartbreak, disloyalty, betrayal and everything else I just had to get it off my chest. I’m sure it’s some s**t most people can relate to so I chose to put it in my art.”

She added: “We don’t let hard times humble us. Learn the lesson, take the blessing and move on.”

Take in Still Here below and to see Ling’s recent video for “Stay Dangerous”, click here.