News 4 September 2020

Lionel Messi Confirms He Will Stay At Barcelona

4 September 2020

Last week, Lionel Messi revealed he wanted to leave FC Barcelona but now the Argentinian star has confirmed he will stay at the Spanish club.

In a new interivew with which was released today, Messi said he will stay at Barcelona to avoid a legal dispute with the club.

“I wasn’t happy and I wanted to leave,” Messi said in the interview.

“I have not been allowed this in any way and I will stay at the club so as not to get into a legal dispute. The management of the club led by Bartomeu is a disaster.”

Lionel Messi and his camp originally believed he could walk away without a fee but recently discovered a clause in his contract ordered that he would pay €700 million.

Messi added: “There was another way (out) and it was to go to trial. I would never go to court against Barca because it is the club that I love. Barça gave me everything and I gave it everything. I know that it never crossed my mind to take Barça to court.”

In the interview, Messi also spoke on the reasons for why he wanted to leave, saying that he believed Barcelona needed “more young people”. 

He also discussed his family’s response to him wanting to leave explaining how his kids were in tears.

“The whole family crying, my children did not want to leave Barcelona, ​​nor did they want to change schools.

“Now I am going to continue in the club because the president told me that the only way to leave was to pay the 700 million clause, that this is impossible, and then there was another way it was to go to trial.

“I would never go to court against Barça because it is the club that I love, which gave me everything since I arrived, it is the club of my life, I have made my life here.”