News 12 December 2022
Author: Priya Raj

Listen to ‘No Thank You’ the new album from Little Simz

12 December 2022

After announcing it’s forthcoming release on December 6, Little Simz has returned to steal the spotlight with her latest album, NO THANK YOU.

The 10-track album has been recorded with friend and producing mastermind, Inflo, who is also the lead of music collective SAULT. It has a familiar “Simz” sound, and feels like her at her prime, thriving off the hoist that her 2021 release Sometimes I Might Be Introvert gave her career.

In the opening track “Angel”. she references the turbulent past of her career, which is a theme also carried onto track “No Merci”. In true Little Simz fashion, she doesn’t follow trends, or artists who have preceded her.

In her own words:

“emotion is energy in motion.

honour your truth and feelings.

eradicate fear.

boundaries are important.”

Listen to NO THANK YOU from Little Simz below now on GRM Daily.