Videos 27 September 2021
Author: Aaron Adade

Little Simz Sits Down For A Discussion On Her ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ Album

27 September 2021

On episode one of her Sometimes I Might Be Introvert discussion, Little Simz gives us some insight into her process of creating the first three tracks of the album.

She shares some excellent clips of her in the studio and talks about how she feels like it’s her safe space. When she’s in the studio with her people, she can talk about anything and think freely. This environment helped create some of the magic heard on Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.

The subject of empowering black people is strong on the intro track. Some may have just recently started to discuss this topic as the Black Lives Matters movement has been more prevalent in recent times. However, Little Simz makes it clear that her thoughts on this topic aren’t new. Everything she raps about on this is how she has been feeling all her life.

On the second track “Woman”, she points out how creating a song that was more of a vibe after the intense intro was important. Showing the different sides of being black was essential to the album, as others may often depict it as purely negative. There are many great things about being black and proud which she and Jeremy Cole touch on during the discussion.

Going into “Two Worlds Apart”, Little Simz speaks about being inspired by previous legends to create it. With an old-school vibe and elegant sample, she had the perfect platform to flex on the track.

This conversation is very intriguing, it brings the listeners into Little Simz’s profound mind for a few minutes. Take in the full discussion above!