News 20 October 2020
Author: Courtney W

Liverpool & Manchester United In Talks To Join New FIFA-Backed European Premier League

20 October 2020

Liverpool F.C. and Manchester United are reportedly in talks to join a new European Premier League which is being backed by FIFA.

According to Sky News, a £4.6 billion fund is being assembled to assist in the creation of what would be known as the European Premier League, with several teams from England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany currently in negotiations about joining the competition.

It has also been reported that the competition will begin in 2022 and would be made up of 18 teams and could include as many as 5 Premier League clubs.

Teams will play in league format before a knockout tournament involving the top-placed teams ending the competition, with the winning side taking home a prize of “hundreds of millions of pounds”.

If reports are correct and the competition isn’t a breakaway league, it would not impact Liverpool and Man United’s positions in the Premier League.

However, if discussions are successful, the European Premier League would affect the Champions League which has been a major tournament in the continent for decades. It has not been confirmed whether UEFA have supported the new league.