News 6 September 2020
Author: Kafui Mensah

Three London Ambulance staff members have been suspended for making racist comments

6 September 2020

The London Ambulance Service has suspended three members of staff due to alleged racist comments about the Black Lives Matter movement and George Floyd’s death.

The racist comments were caught over an internal communications channel shortly after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department which sparked worldwide Black Lives Matter protests demanding justice and change in regards to police brutality and systemic racism.

The comments were said to have caused black colleagues “great distress”.

In response to the comments made, Chief Executive Garrett Emmerson stated, “although we are now much more representative of this diverse city we serve, we’ve still got some way to go to see that progress reflected in how we treat and respect each other in the workplace.”

In June, Emmerson penned a letter to all staff members informing them that the three offenders had been suspended as the ongoing investigation takes place.

The chief executive also added that he had been “shocked and profoundly affected” by the unjust death of George Floyd – going on to write: “We expect the highest standards of behaviour from staff to each other, as well as to our patients, and will always, without exception, look into allegations of racism or inappropriate comments of any kind.”

“Where allegations are upheld, we will ensure that the strongest possible sanctions are applied, up to and including dismissal from London Ambulance Service.”