News 16 May 2020

Hundreds head to Hyde Park for anti-lockdown protests

16 May 2020

As London continues to operate under stringent lockdown measures due to the global coronavirus outbreak, hundreds have fled to Hyde Park to protest against lockdown.

The protesters are deliberately ignoring social distancing measures and have taken to the park to voice their frustrations at many things surrounding the COVID-19 issue.

Protesters held up placards which promoted anti-vaccination ideologies, 5G conspiracy theories and more.

With governments working with scientists and medical professionals around the clock to find a coronavirus vaccine, some groups are keen to reinforce their anti-vax messages.

Dubbed “anti-vaxxers”, due to their strong presence on social media in recent years, the World Health Organisation named them as one of the top ten global health threats.

Despite the ease of lockdown measures introduced by Boris Johnson in his speech last week, the congregating of large numbers is still prohibited. This, of course, led to a large police operation being set up to disperse the crowds and restore order.

Several protesters were led away from Hyde Park in handcuffs – including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother.

The UK isn’t the first country to see anti-lockdown protests. America has been seeing these for weeks and tensions between those who want to stay indoors until it is clinically safe and those who want to reopen for the sake of the economy arise.

The UK is also looking to other countries for detection methods. Trials which use dogs to detect COVID-19 in humans have begun and scientists are convinced that the results will be promising.