News 4 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

London’s first ever Night Czar has been revealed

4 November 2016

The battle to save the capital’s night life has made a development today, as London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced who would be the first person to take on the new mantle of “Night Czar”.

He appointed Amy Lamé, an American-born performer, comedian and cultural advocate. She now looks to fulfil the duty of saving night time economy and culture and will work with local councils and venues.

This is a first for the UK and follows in the footsteps of cities like Amsterdam and Berlin, who have a similarly positioned “night mayor”.

At the reveal at 100 Club in Soho, Lamé said, “My life in London is nightlife. I’ve seen just about everything that there is to see happen in the darkness here, so not much phases me.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be appointed the Night Czar. We face some challenges but I’m ready absolutely 100 per cent to take those on.

“I’m looking forward to working with the boroughs, police, my colleagues at City Hall, business and punters around the capital,” she said. “I’m 100 per cent the Night Czar for all Londoners.”

The move follows an upwards trend of club closures, culminating most recently in London’s fabric nightclub was permanently shut down.