News 15 October 2020
Author: Courtney W

Coronavirus: London To Move Into Tier 2 Of Lockdown System From Saturday

15 October 2020

From this Saturday (October 17), London will face tier 2 restrictions of the government’s newly announced restriction system, local MPs have been told.

The new measures will ban people living in the capital from mixing with other households indoors, including in their homes, restaurants and bars. The rule of six will be applied to outdoor gatherings.

Londoners have also been urged to avoid public transport where possible.

The Health Minister Helen Whately told London MPs of the decision to move from tier 1 to tier 2 during a call this morning.

It comes just days after the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told Sky News further restrictions in the capital were “inevitable”, saying that infection rates and hospital admissions were “going in the wrong direction”.

The Mayor had also wrote to the Prime Minister: “None of us want more restrictions in London but given the increase in infection rates and the lack of testing we have little choice.”