News 16 February 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

LOST is the essential app you need for new music

Author Marisa Lee
16 February 2017

GRM have been announced as one of the curators of LOST, your favourite new music app.

Utilising releases from GRM and other outlets like Noisey, Complex, FACT and i-D magazine, LOST brings together all your new music into one timeline, allowing fans to jump from artist to artist and genre to genre with just one swipe of a finger. Each site also has its own homepage so you can just hear the newest music from us on demand.

GRM Daily

You can read about new music, watch videos, add music to playlists and even buy gig tickets, all in one place. It’s updated regularly, so you’ll never be behind in your new music knowledge.

The app also lets you import your playlists from YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify, or open more music from the artist you’re on your chosen streaming platform. 

Crispin Futrille, founder of LOST, said, “GRM are one of the UK’s most exciting music platforms focused on one of our most important music scenes. Bringing them into LOST adds a new dimension to our experience.”

Get the app here for iPhone.