News 1 August 2021

Love Island star Teddy Soares reveals he used to be a Prince

1 August 2021
Teddy Love Island

Love Island star Teddy Soares shocked his fellow Islanders when he revealed that was once a Nigerian Prince.

In a clip shown on ITV 2’s Love Island: Unseen Bits, Teddy caught up with the girls just before he was whisked away to Casa Amor.

Teddy tells the group his Nigerian name and he talks about his Nigerian heritage. He then tells the group that he once had royal status through his family.

When asked his tribe, Teddy said, “I’m going to say something so shocking, I’m actually a Prince of one of them.

“It’s like a village, it’s within the Delta State village. So, my grandad who has obviously passed away, so I’m actually no longer a prince, I was a prince, but yeah…”

In response, Teddy’s then partner Faye said, “”Teddy was once a prince! Are you joking?

“I mean I’ve definitely got to stop with burping now, I might have to just stop and lay off the swearing so much but I think I’ve got this you know.”

Teddy and Faye exchanged words in explosive scenes which aired earlier in the week following the Casa Amor recoupling.

Viewers were left heartbroken for Teddy when a postcard sent into the villa caused major issues between himself and Faye.

Casa Amor also created drama for Mille and Liam as well as Kaz and Tyler.

The use of the postcard this year has been subject to controversy – with several social media users reporting the stunt to OFCOM.

(Image Credit: Love Island – YouTube)