Exclusives Interviews 21 June 2024

Lyndon Arthur talks Liam Cameron, fighting in Riyadh, Manchester United & more

21 June 2024

Manchester has been a sporting hub to some of the UK’s greatest up and coming athletes over the years. The Class of 92 stamped their talents all over the Premier League, Tom Aspinall currently reigns supreme in the UFC heavyweight division, whilst Manchester’s very own Lyndon Arthur is on a mission to rightfully claim back what is his.

The former IBO Light Heavyweight champion arrives tonight for a battle with Sheffield’s Liam Cameroon on a card dubbed the Return Of The King. It was almost a night fitting for the royal title back in December in Riyadh, as Arthur came close to Gold against the supreme Dymitri Bivol, in a bout which has gave Lyndon perspective. “With the pressure and preparation I was under, it’s gave me a confidence boost to go for it.”

On a night where a top performance can open doors for another stellar encounter in the Middle East, we caught up with Lyndon Arthur to speak about his opponent, experiences in Saudi Arabia, meeting sporting idol Cristiano Ronaldo and much more.

‘Return Of The King’ is finally here, how has the preparation been for Friday’s fight?

“Like always training hard, sparring, running, everything’s going well. I’m excited for Friday.”

What are your thoughts on your opponent Liam Cameron? How many rounds will this fight go?

“I think mid-rounds. I don’t really know too much about him, but I know that I’m better! We’ll see Friday. I’m excited to see what he brings.”

Ahead of a fight, there’s always talk from opponents who might be trying to win the mental battle. How do you mentally prepare yourself for an opponent who trash talks?

“You just go with it. You roll with the punches! I don’t pay no mind to it. Unless you’re putting your hands on me at a press conference or face-off, I don’t pay no mind. It’s all fun and games. It’s all entertainment. It’s good for the viewers, fans and supporters. It gets the needle between your teeth!”

You’ve previously fought at The Toughsheet Community Stadium, what atmosphere are you expecting come fight night Friday?

“It’s always a good atmosphere in here. Niall Brown is also fighting on the bill so I’m sure his fans will stay and shout on for me. I’m sure Liam Cameron will bring a few down from Sheffield. It should be a good atmosphere in there.”

What do you have in mind for your ring walk? We’ve seen you with Manny Meekz recently so is this a hint towards fight night?

“I was going to come out to Manny! If I’m not allowed my first song, then I will come out to him. I’m coming out to “Golden Brown”. One of my favourite films is Snatch. When Brad Pitt knocks out the big guy in his first fight in the barn and he’s in the corner, that relates to fighting so I thought it would be a good entrance.”

How do you feel as you come out to the ring and all lights are on you?

“Go time! Tunnel vision. You might clock a few familiar faces but other than that you’re in there to do a job. I’ve got to get in there, be on my A-game and make sure I’m fully focused on Liam Cameron.”

Your previous fight was against Dmitry Bivol in Riyadh. What was that experience like in terms of atmosphere compared to being in the U.K? Is that something you thought about before entering the ring?
“It’s still tunnel vision. Funny enough though, I could hear Conor McGregor the whole way through that fight! I could hear him shouting, shouting, I could hear him. Obviously, you can hear your corner as well but it’s just about tunnel vision and not paying no mind to the crowd.”

Staying on that fight, how far have you come since the title defeat to Bivol? Did you learn anything coming up against your opponent?

“Just awareness of myself that I can go in there on short notice and still handle myself and give a good account of myself. With the pressure and preparation I was under, it’s gave me a confidence boost to go for it.”

How do you keep the same motivation levels after fighting for a title?

“I’ve got more to achieve in the sport of boxing. This is just another day. Same mission as old times.”

We saw you meet Cristiano Ronaldo out there. How was that being a Manchester United fan?

“It was crazy! I’ve never been a fanboy of people, but some I will ask for pictures! I’ve been a fan of Cristiano and McGregor since they’ve come out. It was a bit surreal. To go from where I’ve come from, to then fighting in front of your idols, people that you look up to in the sporting world, it was a great experience for me.”

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What are your thoughts on Saudi? Is this a place you would go to again to compete?

“One million percent. The hospitality over there is fantastic. They’re putting the big fights on. If you’re in a big fight, you really want to be out there. The pay is more out there. They’re putting a lot of money into boxing which is good for all of us that are in the sport. I’m excited for what they are about to do in the future.”

Going back to Manchester United, what are your thoughts on the previous season and Ten Haag staying on as manager?

“I’m glad he’s staying because you have to give him a chance. There’s no point starting again because we’ll be back at the beginning. We’ve won a couple trophies with him. If he has a good transfer window and with European football, we can go into next year optimistic.”

What are your thoughts on the Euros and England’s chances of going all the way?

“England, I don’t know! Player for player, we have one of the best teams in the Euros. I don’t know if Southgate knows what he’s doing but we’ll see what happens. We got to the final last time, so we’ll see. We have the players to do it.”

Outside of boxing, are there any other goals you’re pushing towards?

“I’ll know when it’s time to do so. I will be putting thing in place while I’m still boxing, but I won’t go into something else until I’m finished with this sport.”

What are your targets within boxing?

“I just want to be in big fights!”

What’s the best advice been given to yourself throughout your career?

“Never worry about money and life will always sort itself out!”

What advice do you have for those trying to become professional within boxing?

“Just give it your 100% before its too late. Don’t dwell on what could’ve been so try now before it’s too late.”

Finally, who are three artists you are currently listening to prepare you for Friday.

“Potter Payper, Ghetts and Manny Meekz. I’ve had his new album on replay for the past couple weeks!”

Arthur vs Cameron, live and free on Channel 5, Friday at 10pm