Videos 3 July 2021

Lyne Nsongo showcases her strong vocals on “ROYAL”

3 July 2021

Lyne Nsongo has dropped clean and engaging visuals for her fresh track titled “ROYAL”.

Lyne offers warm and strong vocals over the soft and slow R&B instrumental which acts as the perfect canvas for the track. The song borrows elements of trap and pushes home important messaging about knowing your worth, self-love and respecting ones worth.

On the track, the Belgian singer said, “The song comes from discussions I had with some of my female friends
who were at very low points in their lives, I just want to lift them up and make them see their worth.
I’ve realised that it’s my calling to deliver this empowering message through my music.

“If I can become an inspiration for girls out there to follow a good path in life, I believe I will have achieved my purpose in life. I have a gift and I want to use it to impact my world”.

Take in “ROYAL” above.