News 17 March 2022

M Huncho Announces Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘Chasing Euphoria’

17 March 2022

M Huncho has provided us with news of his long-awaited debut album, Chasing Euphoria.

The north-west Londoner took to social media to announce the project, revealing the release date and artwork.

Despite releasing a few mixtapes over the years including Huncholini The 1st, Utopia and DNA with Nafe Smallz, Chasing Euphoria will serve as M Huncho’s first official studio album.

M Huncho didn’t provide too many details of the album, but its set to feature his brand-new single “Lean” with Giggs.

“MY DEBUT ALBUM,” Huncho wrote when announcing the album. “I no longer crave approval, f**k it, I’m proud of me! This is where I let the world know that there is a human being behind this mask that bleeds just like them.

“This is where I let the world know more about myself. My family. My thoughts. My struggles and the struggles of the community I’ve been raised in. My fly-ness. My dystopia. My utopia. My euphoria…Which indeed I’m still chasing.”

Chasing Euphoria is due for release on May 20th and is available to pre-order now!