Music Videos 2 August 2015
Author: Caroline SM

MAD! Stormzy drops surprise banger “10 minutes”

Author Caroline SM
2 August 2015

The Legend of the WWE returns with a brand new tune on his Soundcloud.

Stormzy told us all he would be back in ten minutes, guess what, he came back and he gave us some fire.

Along with the multiple quotables, the Wicked Skengman names a number of things he can do in ten minutes such as:

  • Shut down the whole game
  • Shut down your Twitter feed
  • Sell out his first show
  • Get 6ix to mix and master the tune

Big Mike explains that the tape he’s got in the pipeline is going to be problematic, whilst also answers a load of fan questions regarding where he has been and why he did “Shut Up”. Alongside the usual assurance that Stormz is going to elevate the scene to another new high (pree the line “the bar was so low but Stormz made it higher for them”).

Airing his opinions on anyone trying to question whether he should be in the position he is in, “be careful when you send for Mike, you can cause a war but it’ll end tonight”.

Stormz also explains advice given to him by his long time friend Krept, whilst also managing to go in on rappers with coke habits.

Check the tune below and see what the Skengman has got to say in his new tune.