News 22 April 2024

Man left with 6 figure phone bill after failing to set up international data roaming

22 April 2024

A man’s return from a scenic Swiss getaway last September took a shocking turn when he was confronted with an astronomical phone bill.

Rene Remund, upon receiving his T-Mobile bill post-trip, initially presumed he owed £116 for standard photo and text transmissions to loved ones back home during his Alpine adventure. However, the actual tally staggered him: a staggering £116,000 for 9.5 gigabytes of overseas data consumption.

This exorbitant sum far eclipsed Florida’s – where he’s from – average annual income of $55,980 (around £45,438.41) according to Forbes, essentially doubling the state’s median yearly earnings.

Remund’s predicament arose due to his device’s lack of international roaming setup, resulting in hefty daily roaming charges.

Upon futile attempts to dispute the bill with T-Mobile, Remund sought legal assistance, prompting letters to the carrier’s executive echelons, in addition to media outreach.

In a reassurance to Business Insider, a T-Mobile representative conceded fault, saying in a statement, “This shouldn’t have happened and we fully credited the customer. We are taking steps to avoid it from happening again.”

[Image created via MidJourney]