News 12 April 2023

Man spends 6 figures on leg-lengthening surgery to get girlfriend

12 April 2023

Moses Gibson, a 41-year-old software engineer from Minnesota, has undergone two expensive leg-lengthening surgeries to increase his luck with the ladies.

Coming in at a total cost of $170,000, the surgery has helped him gain five inches in height and he says it has boosted his confidence in the dating scene, revealing that he’s now got a girlfriend.

Gibson had struggled with his height of 5-foot-5 inches and even tried taking growth-promoting pills and consulting a spiritual healer, who advised him to focus on his height with his mind.

To finance the surgeries, he worked as an Uber driver and he underwent his first surgery in 2016.

He said, “After the first procedure, I was happy with it to some extent, but it was always in my mind that I wanted to do a second one to complete it. I’m a high achiever. I’ve got the money and I can finish the journey.”

To allow the body to grow new bone tissue to fill in the gaps and increase the length of his legs, the surgery involved breaking his tibia and fibula bones and inserting magnetic limb-lengthening nails into them.

[Image via Shutterstock]