News 1 May 2021

Man arrested after trying to escape the police on a 4MPH narrowboat

1 May 2021

A man has been arrested after the police chased him on his narrowboat on a canal for eight miles.

The man was driving his narrowboat which has a top speed of four miles per hour and a police officer followed the boat on his pedal bike.

Travelling along the Grand Union Canal in Leicester to Glen Park, the man was eventually caught and arrested when he left the boat to try ­­and travel through a lock.

The 37-year-old was arrested on suspicion of assault and breaching a restraining order.

The police officer who chased the suspect wrote on Twitter according to Leicester Live, “For 15 years I’ve been trying to tick off a water-based pursuit in landlocked Leicester and today I’ve ticked it off.

“We waited until he was out the boat and at Lock 37 on the GUC, (Grand Union Canal), when the trap was sprung by my colleagues lying in wait in the undergrowth nearby.”

In a statement, the Leicester pPolice said, “It was alleged that a man, subject to a restraining order preventing him from doing so, arrived at the address and during the incident a 15-year-old boy was assaulted. He was not injured.

“Officers obtained a direction of travel for the boat, as it had since left, and an officer, who was on a cycle, set upon following its route.

“The boat was located travelling in the Glen Parva area and after further officers were called to assist, the suspect was arrested as he left the boat to travel through a lock.”

In related news, two men were jailed earlier this year after a jet ski they used to smuggle £200,000 worth of cocaine ran out of fuel.