News 16 November 2016
Author: Cam Donald

British man Gets HUGE Donald Trump tattoo

Author Cam Donald
16 November 2016

Dave Singleton, 38, is a roofer from Salisbury who recently had President-Elect Donald Trump’s face tattooed on his leg, accompanied with ink reading “In Trump We Trust”.

Tattoo artist Craig Bartlett posted on social media offering to do a portrait of Trump free of charge, to which Singleton volunteered.

Dave said “I don’t agree with everything Trump says but I think he might be the man to turn things around for America,” before adding, “There are times when he goes too far.. .but he says things I agree with too.”

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Dave went on to say “I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton and she’s been a part of the establishment for too long. Trump coming from the outside might make a difference.”

The tattoo took 7 hours to complete, with artist Craig saying, “I would’ve liked an extra 30 minutes to do some shading but [Dave] was in too much pain.” 

Speaking on The Donald, Craig added, “The ‘grab them by the pussy’ stuff was stupid but no-one’s perfect.”

Regardless of anybody’s thoughts on the President-Elect, the tattoo is very impressive. Craig, from Just Add Ink studio in Poole, did a great job.

Dave however, not so much.