News 24 October 2020

Man loses £36K worth of cocaine & phones the police to report it as missing

24 October 2020

A Dublin man lost a bag containing over £36,000 worth of cocaine and then phoned the police to report it missing according to court documents.


The alleged incident happened two years ago when the 20-year-old passenger believed that he had left his bag on the train.


The man then raised the issue with security staff who refused to let him back on train to search for it.


After calling the police to report the bag missing, the Dublin man then realised that he had instead left the bag in a shop which neighboured the station.


A member of the Irish police force then stopped the man and found the cocaine in the bag at an estimated value of €40,000 (£36,372.69).


The man has pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine for supply to others.


The case is currently being heard at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.