News 21 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

WTF?! Man pees himself in front of busy tube carriage

21 September 2016

London commuter Cat Davies has witnessed and recalled one of the most disgusting incidents in modern London Underground history, in which a man relieved himself off of a packed tube on the Victoria line.

Davies, a writer and filmmaker, was “gobsmacked” when she noticed a “jet of liquid” hit her feet on the platform at around 9:30am. 

She said the man was “shaking his crotch and trousers” before a puddle of urine started surrounding her feet.

Described by Davies as the “worst incident I’ve seen on the Tube”, she further tweeted, “London’s hit a new low. A man just p***d out of a tube train onto a platform of passengers at Victoria. I’m gobsmacked.”

After she had alerted Transport for London about the incident, the woman was told to contact British Transport Police for a report.

Words: Benji Reeves