News 29 August 2023

Man suing BBC 17 years after going viral for mistaken identity interview

29 August 2023

A man is suing the BBC for unpaid royalties 17 years after going viral for being roped into a televised interview in a case of mistaken identity.

Guy Goma’s unexpected rise to fame began when he walked into the BBC for a job interview in 2006. Mistaken for IT journalist Guy Kewney, he was wrongly placed in front of the camera for a live interview on BBC News 24.

During the interview, he discussed downloading music through the internet, unaware of the mix-up.

Despite the clip amassing over five million views on the BBC News YouTube channel, Goma claims that he hasn’t received any royalties for the interview.

Speaking on the podcast series Accidental Celebrities, Goma revealed his intention to take the BBC to court over the matter.

He expressed frustration at the money the corporation made from the interview while he received “not a single penny.”

He emphasised that the interview had been utilised by the BBC for almost two decades without benefiting him financially. Now, he is also contemplating writing a book titled Wrong Guy.

[Image via YouTube/ BBC News]