Videos 29 November 2017
Author: Nic Coaker

MP quotes “Mans Not Hot” lyrics in House of Commons

Author Nic Coaker
29 November 2017

Labour MP Fiona Onasanya managed to throw a line of “Mans Not Hot” into a debate about Phillip Hammond’s budget statement. 

Although Big Shaq’s track has gained over eighty-million views on YouTube and has been climbing the charts over the past few weeks, no-one could have called that an MP would quote the lyrics in the House of Commons. Especially as the lyrics aren’t very educational or meaningful. 

MP Fiona Onasanya said, “There was no extra money in the budget for the education system. This is not as simple as saying, ‘2 plus 2 is 4, minus 3 is 1 – quick maths.'”

It’s of no shock to anyone that the quote went unnoticed among the other MP’s who surrounded Fiona, not even a chuckle to be heard. But, the people of Twitter noticed, and Fiona replied, seeming to be grateful that her efforts didn’t go ignored by everyone. 

Watch the clip above of Fiona quoting Big Shaq and when you’ve finished, watch Big Shaq take on the #BoaMeChallenge here on GRM Daily.