News 15 November 2020

Marcus Rashford addresses recent controversial tabloid story about his finances

15 November 2020

Marcus Rashford is currently a hero both on and off the pitch for many.

As well as being an incredible athlete, Marcus has also simultaneously devoted time to campaigning and advocating for free school meals for children in poverty.

Marcus recently received a win for his campaign by persuading the government to fund more meals, food banks and additional programmes.

The tabloids, however, have begun to target the player and a recent article by the Daily Mail received backlash for its phrasing.

The story explored Rashford’s property portfolio and due to the placement of this with his recent campaigning for children in poverty, trolls began to attack the player and his philanthropic efforts.

The article also uses terms like “splashed out” and “ploughed” which drew criticism on social media.

Peacefully addressing the controversy, Rashford said, “Ok, so let’s address this. I’m 23. I came from little. I need to protect not just my future but my family’s too. To do that I made a decision at the beg of 2020 to start investing more in property. Please don’t run stories like this alongside refs to ‘campaigning’”

Always one to bestow positivity, Rashford added, “Anyway, in nicer news, I’ve been working on a project for months now behind the scenes and I can’t wait to share it with you all next week. It’s something I’m really proud of and something I feel our children need. Best get back to work on it Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!”