News 24 September 2021

Marcus Rashford To Be Added To GCSE Media Studies Syllabus

24 September 2021

Students studying GCSE Media Studies will now be able to study Marcus Rashford’s powerful use of social media!

Following the football star’s campaigning to end food poverty and racism during the pandemic, exam board AQA have added Marcus Rashford to the syllabus to enable students to learn how social media can be used to make an impact.

In June last year, the government reversed its decision to end free school vouchers over summer thanks to Rashford’s online campaigning. Following a call with the Man United star in November, the government then pledged £400 million to support children with free meals.

The move by AQA is part of an effort to improve the diversity and inclusion of exam boards.

Sandra Allan, the head of AQA’s creative arts curriculum, hopes Rashford’s campaigning will inspire and motivate students.

“Marcus Rashford is one of the most influential and inspirational young people in the UK, so students can learn a huge amount from how he uses social media to make a real impact,” Allan said.

“It’s not just an opportunity for them to learn about social media – it’s also a great way to learn about important social and race issues as part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the curriculum.”

[Image by Jose Breton- Pics Action via Shutterstock]