News 30 August 2016
Author: CJ

Mariah Carey’s sister has been arrested for prostitution

Author CJ
30 August 2016

Mariah Carey’s older sister Alison Carey has been arrested in New York and charged for prostitution.

The sister of the award winning singer was caught out after an undercover policeman posed as a client at the Saugerties hotel in New York.

Alison is said to have been very open about the fact that she is Mariah’s sister, even going as far as to advertise her services online with photos of herself mimicking the lyrics to her sister’s 1995 song “Fantasy”. Weird.

Alison wrote on her profile, “I’m a pretty lady looking for guys who are looking to have some fun and get into a world of pleasure that other woman just can’t provide two you, woman with the ability to make the earth move for you and to get you to see stars, oh yea with me it’s such a sweet, sweet fantasy baby, when I close my eyes I come and take you on and on.” 

This is her second arrest with prostitution charges since 2005.

Police Chief Joseph Sinagara encouraged anyone who’s had sexual encounters with Carey to get tested for STDs.

….Let’s all hope a hero comes along.