News 1 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

LOL! There was a huge brawl on a nudist beach in France

1 September 2016

Some people just can’t beat sunbathing at the beach. Some people just can’t beat sunbathing at the beach totally naked.

Nudist beach revelers in Bordeaux, France, had the shock of their lives when a mass brawl erupted around them.

Allegedly, a group of around 10 teenagers has descended on the beach fully clothed and began staring at some of the naked women, breaking the biggest nudist principle.

Witnesses said that the group were told to “get naked or get lost”, which then led to a heated exchange, before erupted into a fully blown fight.

There was apparently sand being thrown in eyes, shouting and a flurry of punches being thrown, according to French tabloid Sud Ouest.

Two people were arrested in Bordeaux in relation to the incident and later released.