News 20 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Massive fight between 100 school kids breaks out in shocking scenes

20 September 2016

It’s being reported that a huge brawl, involving no less than 100 school children, has erupted yesterday afternoon in Erith, South East London.

The mad clip shows the kids kicking and beating each other with sticks on what looks like a school playground, in a fight which apparently involved knives and bats.

Two people were hospitalised during the incident (thankfully not seriously), while the police have confirmed that a total of seven arrests have been made in connection.

Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe, the Metropolitan Police’s borough commander in Bexley confirmed, “This incident was a large scale fight in a public area and would have been shocking to anyone who witnessed it.

“In total over 40 calls were made to police by members of the public and a number of incidents occurred across at least five different locations.

“Every available officer within Bexley was deployed to assist with the incident and support from the Territorial Support Group was provided.”

Local resident Jeanne Asquith added, “Never seen anything like it and I’ve lived here eight years… I just just hope the schools deal with those involved. Most were wearing school uniform.”