News 27 July 2016

McDonald’s to create 5000 jobs as it starts its new McWaiter service

27 July 2016

Need to earn a pretty penny to fund your summer plans? Fear not, McDonald’s has got your back. 

Earlier this year it was announced that McDonald’s was rolling out its new table service, allowing you to order your food at self-service kiosks and having your food delivered to your table. The new McWaiter service (great name) was trialed at 14 locations and will soon be available across 400 restaurants. 

With the post-BREXIT blues some of have been feeling as of late, this, according to Secretary of State for Business Greg Clark is, “great news for the UK economy.”

Chief Exec Officer of Maccy’s Paul Pomroy said, “As a major UK employer, we have added more than 15,000 people to our workforce during the last five years as a result of our sustained business growth and long-term investment in recruitment and training.

However, some speculate that the introduction of electronic self-service machines being introduced across McDonalds globally are actually a move to cut jobs.

But hey, don’t stop there Paul, I want to see McDonald’s roll out their fine dining service. Last year McDonald’s in Tokyo, Japan held a one-day pop up called, “Restaurant M”. Complete with fine china, silver service and a red carpet.

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What you saying, McDonalds and Chill?