News 18 December 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

Mcdonalds is finally trialling a home delivery service

Author Trudy Barry
18 December 2016

Mcdonalds is finally making our hangover dreams come true. The Big Mac giants have announced they are trialling a home delivery service through UberEATS. It really is a Christmas miracle.

For now the service will only be available in three Florida cities: Orlando, Tampa and Miami, though providing the trial works out okay we could be seeing our UberEATS drivers delivering us 20 nuggets very shortly. The company has announced plans to extend their delivery radius, with worldwide delivery on the cards as early as 2018.

McDonalds has been rolling out a stream of new offers and features over 2016, amidst rumours that the business is struggling to keep up with its millennial clientele. Guess it’s probably hard to sell a Big Tasty burger to the #CleanEating generation. Self service kiosks have been popping up all over the world and America has been able to order breakfast all day since October.

You can already get Maccers delivered here in the UK through weird, bait third party delivery services. But those are usually just a bloke in his car and your burger is already cold and hard by the time you finally get it.

Hopefully, by linking with a legit delivery service we’ll soon be able to enjoy our McD piping hot at home, as has always been the dream.