Interviews News 12 February 2016
Author: Elle SM

Meet the artist behind our #GRMVDAY card collection

Author Elle SM
12 February 2016

After collaborating with us to create our cute (but grimey) #GRMVDAY card collection, we thought it was only right to let you meet the man behind the designs, J.King.

J.King is a West London based artist specializing in animation and illustration. Heavily influenced by music, comics and cartoons, J’s work reflects British Street Culture, which he feels isn’t represented enough in an animated art form.

What got you into art?

“I have always been good at drawing and was always encouraged to do it from young. A pencil and paper, newspaper or a wall were always accessible so I would draw whenever. My skill developed with my age and after graduating with a BA in Animation I began this journey of turning it into a business.”

What’s you earliest grime memory?

“I can’t exactly remember, but I had been listening to it from the jump. School times it was So Solid & PAYG when everyone was an MC and had ‘chats’. Then it was Roll Deep & More Fire. To be honest, I only knew the name ‘Grime’ when Wiley made ‘Wot U Call It’. Before that we just called it Garage.”

…And your favourite grime memory?

“My favorite grime memory was back in the day at the first ‘Who’s Got West On Lock’ rave. Where all the best crews in West battled it out. Rowdy from DSMD won.”

If you could pick the best grime bar as a pick up line what it would be?

“Kano – ‘Will you be faithful to me, treat me, massage me make me a tea…’ He asks all the right questions and I love a cuppa tea.”

What charity are you choosing to give proceeds to from our #GRMVDAY card collection?

“After a lot of thought I have decided that I would like a percentage of the sales to be donated to Shooting Stars ( . A hospice charity that care for children, babies and young people with life limiting conditions. I’ve chosen them because they cared for my nephew when he was a baby.”

GRM Daily x J.King’s exclusive #GRMVDAY card collection are on sale NOW in our Depop shop ( grmdaily ), with only three of each of our three designs up for grabs you better move quick!