Interviews News 3 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

You can help this MC volunteer in Ghana

3 October 2016

While we appreciate and celebrate good music over here at GRM Daily, it’s always nice to see artists give back that little something extra.

You may have caught wind of this GoFundMe campaign online already, but if you haven’t yet, get familiar right now.

Menace, one half of sibling grime duo Brotherhood, is planning on heading to Ghana to do some all-important volunteer work. He’s now taken his campaign online and is looking for your help in making it happen.

The 22 year old from Ipswich will be giving local children clothing, footballs and other items and will be helping teach them maths, English and some other great stuff.

Speaking to us, Menace said, “Going there will be a personal goal in itself for me. I don’t go out much – well apart from recently, for any of my friends reading this and thinking I’m lying – and this trip will just force me to be social and mingle with people I probably wouldn’t usually mingle with.

“So in terms of personal goals, excluding the obvious fact of feeling good to help out people less fortunate than myself, I’d be proud of that.”

He continued, “I’d been thinking about it for a while. I just felt like I needed to broaden my horizons, see some sh*t, if I’m being real.

“If you listen to our music, you’ll know we’re quite political. I want to get out and see some of the things we talk about. I just feel like seeing something as raw and as eye-opening as this will better myself as a person. I could’ve went Asia or South America but I felt like I owed it to my melanin to do this in the motherland. I’ve never been.”

Menace plans to vlog his entire experience, keeping those who donated and all Brotherhood fans fully in the loop with everything he’s doing. He needs to raise £2000, in order to cover flights, accommodation, food, water health essentials, footballs and school equipment – things that all add up in cost!

“People are so shocked when they realise how much it costs to volunteer, but the flight companies and all of the people that own the things that go into this trip, really do not give a f*ck that I am volunteering, they just want to make their money.

“It’s the sad reality we live in. I wish I could do more for the children, but until I can, I just hope I can spoil them as much as possible and hopefully leave them with some good memories!”

Of course he’s going to be helping provide some happy memories for those less fortunate, but it will also be a life-affirming trip for the young man himself. He said, “I’m most looking forward to playing some football with the kids, nutmeg a couple youts and that!
All jokes aside though, it will be good to see them play and hopefully enjoy the sport as much as I do.”

It’s a big leap to make and Menace is aware of that. He told us, “I’m scared of the unknown, scared of leaving my comfort zone and ultimately being somewhere much less secure than my home. Even though I’ve spoken to my girl about it, I still don’t really know what to expect. I’ve never left the country by myself before, so I’m interested to see what i’m made of.”

What better moral standing to leave the country on than that? Of course, when he touches back in England
, he has a lot up his sleeve musically with Brotherhood to get back to.

FLVD is the project we’ve been working on for about a year now. We have been in the studio, stacking up songs and videos like crazy! We don’t have an official date yet but you can expect it to drop in December, sometime when I’m back.

“We were planning to release it sooner, but obviously Ghana has changed things. Don’t worry though, the FLVD starts in October. Songs and videos will start dropping weekly. They will keep dropping all the way up until the release, even when I’m in Ghana.

“We’ve got some sick features in store too. But that’s all I say for now I hope everyone will support the music, I think it’s our best project to date. From beats, to bars, to content.”

Make your donation to Menace via his GoFundMe page here.