News 12 August 2021

PSG Confirm Lionel Messi Deal Includes Cryptocurrency Payment

12 August 2021

It has now been revealed Lionel Messi’s recent transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) included a payment in crypto fan tokens.

PSG’s chief partnerships officer Marc Armstrong confirmed today (August 12) that Messi’s two-year contract included tokens in his “welcome package”, provided by – the club’s fan token provider.

The club didn’t reveal what percentage of the deal is made up of tokens but did say he had received a “large number”.

Fans who buy the tokens are able to have their say on the club, allowing them to vote on Player of the Season and make changes to the team’s dressing room.

Like any cryptocurrency, the value of the tokens fluctuate and we can expect the the value and popularity of PSG’s tokens to increase with the signing of Messi.

PSG have already reported a boost in trading since Messi joined.

“The hype surrounding the latest signings in the club’s busy summer transfer window created a huge surge of interest in $PSG Fan Tokens, with trading volumes exceeding $1.2 billion in the days preceding the move,” it said.

[Image: Paris Saint-Germain via YouTube]