News 11 April 2022

Drivers Could Be Fined For Having A Messy Car

11 April 2022

No one likes to be hit with a fine whatever the case is but now drivers are being warned that the cleanliness of their car can lead to one too.

Whilst there is no rule stating the condition of your car can lead to a fine, if it’s too muddled inside and declared a potential risk to you driving, you could be in a spot of bother.

These are just a few of the impending risks, with the visibility of your number plate as well as how clean your mirrors and windscreen being factors which could lead to fines.

Whilst many will see this as a harsh punishment, abiding by these laws is crucial as the fine is treated as a £100 “on-the-spot” with a further punishment of three penalty points on your licence. A more serious case sees a £2500 fine given or even a driving ban.

Speaking to the Express, Jamie Louram – Halfords car cleaning buyer – said: “Whilst there is no fine for having a messy interior, clutter if bad enough can also fall under the careless driving rule leading to a fine of up to £100.

“As a general rule, keep your car clutter-free to avoid any dangerous situations such as things getting stuck under the brake pedal or blocking your view.

“If you do tend to err on the side of messy when it comes to your car, a bin is a great solution.” 

[Image: victoras via Shutterstock]